19 May 2024
sl SL


I studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, where I pleaded my diploma thesis Relation of human being, time and space in architecture. During my studies I was visited Spiritual College for two years in Ljubljana. One year I was studying painting on Academy for fine arts in Ljubljana.


Between the years of 1986 to 1994 I have written several Discussion about Monada, Discussion about organization the Prešeren square in Ljubljana, Discussion About Ljubljana and Its regulation and Discussion About the arrangement of Slovenian Square in Ljubljana. I co operated for five years in action named: Living with countryside, where I evaluated Slovenian rural house. I have planned architectural solutions for construction and renovation individual houses. Since 1993 I am interested in development of CAD technology. In the year 2000 I worked in project group that designed Expert system for architectural register - esai2000® for the old city of Koper.


I have been working at the Secondary School for design and Photography, Ljubljana, since 1992. I have also executed plenty projects involving design. In 1995 I attended an international summer school The River in Rovaniemi, Finland. The next year I worked at an international summer school Natura Design, which was in Slovenia. I arranged an exhibition by 50th anniversary of Secondary School for Design and Photography. In 1995 I designed Križevniški chair and in 1996 Trentarski chair. In 1997 I designed the interior of a travel agency Apolon from Ljubljana. From 1995 to 1998 I designed exhibitions The 100th Anniversary of Ethnology in Slovenia, exhibition Domesticated Light and others.


In teaching technical theoretical subjects at the Secondary School of design and photography, Ljubljana presentable tehniqes, drawing and industry design, since the year at 2000 I am also teach dwelling culture at art gymnasium. In 1997 I began to accompanied project Ro. In 1998 I gained name Applicator. In 2000 I gained technical name Adviser and in 2007, Councillor. In year 2003 I gained name Multiplicator ZRSŠ. For the two years I am charge of the team for school publication. I translated Curriculum and Instructor's Guide for 3-D NURBS modelling. In 2015 I was the editor of e-Book Fine Art, which is intended for the first year of the Secoundary School.

Working in class I am developing pedagogical approach, which based on primary principles of development exploring work and creativity.


Fundamental research of architecture I have made during my study architecture when I was in the years from 1984 to 1989 participated in ten research camps. In 2000 I participated in a project group ESAI where I explored the architecture of the city Koper. In pedagogical practice, my research relates to the development of new educational programs and modernizing existing ones.


As an architect, I created conceptual designs for several individual houses and I am made plans for terrace houses “Knezov Stradon” in Ljubljana. Between 2003 and 2007 I was measured and made architectural documentation for Partisan Hospital Franja.

As a teacher I have prepared and carried out several seminars for teachers for National Education Institute Slovenia (ZRSŠ).